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Facility Upgrade Version 15_1_8 April 2015


The April 2015 Facility Upgrade enables you to prepare and create your Census return on Census Day Thursday 21st May 2015


Please note there is an ePortal upgrade this time. Please call 01629 536789 for Guidance documentation



If you are migrating to RM Integris before Census day there is no need to upgrade Facility 


If you have not already printed the instructions found on the Derbyshire Extranet (LiD) for using Skillspace and downloading the upgrade files, they can be opened or printed from here.

(These are the same instructions you do not need to print them twice)


 1 Downloading Facility Upgrade April 2015 (924 KB)



 2 Upgrading Facility April 2015v2 (158 KB)


If you are actively using Document Storage,SMS or Scheduler these will also require upgrading.  If you require files and upgrade guidance then please contact the School Training and Support team.


If you experience any problems with downloading any of these files or documents then please contact The School Training & Support team either by: 



Emailing caya.schoolsupport@derbyshire.gov.uk 


Telephone - 01629 536789



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